Shelving, Lighting & Lining

Lighting & Shelving will help you use every extra inch in your loft space.

Loft Lighting

Ensure that your loft space is able to be used most effectively by having USE YOUR LOFT SPACE install a 1.5m LED bright strip baton light (with mains switch). We also install bright battery powered loft lights, with highly visible extra-long pull string to illuminate dark spaces with ease.

Loft Shelving

Create extra storage space in your loft by adding shelving made out of the same quality 18mm high density chipboard as your loft boarding, freeing up valuable floor space.

Loft Lining

Used to eliminate dust, dirt or moisture from entering your loft space, our breathable roofing membrane is installed directly onto the internal roof slopes.

The lining creates an extra barrier between external dust and your loft space, whilst still allowing the area to breath, to keep moisture away and dampness at bay.

Treat your belongings with love and care and give them a dry, dust free environment within your loft space.

Why Choose Use Your Loft Space?


Transform your loft
Gain Storage Space
Reduce Your Heating Bills
Free up your garage & add value to your home