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Ladders & Hatches

Do you have to trek to the garage to get a step ladder every time you need to access your loft? Or do you wobble on a chair before trying to pull yourself up through the hatch? Maybe you’re worried about an elderly relative trying to access their loft.

USE YOUR LOFT SPACE installing either a quality folding timber ladder, sliding aluminium ladder or aluminium concertina ladder is the obvious way to avoid these inconveniences.

If you would like a permanently fixed loft ladder you will need a ‘drop-down’ hatch. They are normally supplied and installed together, and we can enlarge, alter and adjust your existing hatch opening size to accommodate most styles of loft ladder – or even create a new one. Most hatches we install are with bespoke wooden frames and hatch door, with a pole operated twist catch.

We can discuss your loft ladder and hatch requirements during our onsite appointment.

Loft Lighting

Ensure that your loft space can be used most effectively by having USE YOUR LOFT SPACE install a 1.5m LED ‘Daylight’ baton light with mains switch to illuminate all of your lofts dark corners.

Create extra storage space

Free up bags of extra storage space in your home by borading your loft at an affordable cost.