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Loft Insulation

Have you noticed that your house gets cold quickly when the temperature drops outside – or maybe your house is like an oven in the summer? Is your loft insulation old, dirty, and flat?

Maybe you would like to reduce your heating bills, save energy, money and reduce your CO2 footprint to do some of ‘your bit’ for the environment?

Perhaps you need to improve the rating on an EPC for the sale of your house or for a rental property and therefore increase its value.

Or do you need to replace insulation after having vermin, beetle, roof or damp issues?

With the current government recommended depth of insulation now being 270mm, and guidelines being 300mm, any loft spaces which have not been recently (re-) insulated most probably do not have this amount.

USE YOUR LOFT SPACE supply and install new loft insulation without having to remove the existing material (but will if necessary)

We generally install mineral wool insulation which is maintenance free and will last for over 40 years.

Take advantage of 0% VAT on loft insulation by improving yours now!

Environmentally-Friendly Loft Insulation

Although mineral wool is environmentally friendly, it does contain a small percentage of man-made products in the form of chemicals and bonding agents.

With the environment in mind, we also supply and install sheepswool insulation and ‘Supersoft’ insulation (which is made almost entirely of recycled plastic bottles).


This natural and eco-friendly material has many beneficial properties including a 60-year life and an increase in insulation properties in damp conditions. It’s treated with natural borax to prevent damage from pests and is not irritating to skin or respiratory systems. It also supports British sheep farmers and uses little energy in manufacture.


SupaSoft recycled plastic insulation is manufactured from 95% recycled PET (recycled plastic bottles), the same fibres used in many duvets, jackets, etc.  It’s a totally safe to handle low energy alternative to Rockwool and fibreglass. SupaSoft provides excellent thermal insulation performance is BBA-approved for loft applications and is certified to last the life of the building. Resistant to vermin and insects and does not support mould growth,

We can discuss all your requirements during our onsite appointment.

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